Green Field Paper Company was founded in 1992 under the name Found Stuff Paperworks with the concept of creating recycled handmade paper from discarded items that contain fiber.  In 1995 the name was changed to “Green Field Paper Company” which refers to the recycled ingredients from which the paper is made.  This family owned business has reinvented the age-old tradition of creating fine quality paper products without cutting trees. The current swatchbook contains over 26 varieties of Grow A Note® seed embedded paper, PaperEvolution® and Hemp Heritage® papers.  These signature paper lines offered are utilized as greeting cards, stationery, journals, invitations and innovative promotions and packaging.

Custom paper can also be created from almost any fiber and the opportunities are endless. Previous ingredients used for custom paper include wine grape skins, employee uniforms & fabric scraps, junk mail, product labels, corn husks and many custom seeds.

While trends in manufacturing come and go, resource conservation is an ethic that is here to stay.  Green Field Paper strives to provide a qualitative experience that is rare in today’s mass-market economy and to create innovative quality products with a focus on environmental consciousness.

You can contact us at 858-565-2585 or


3 Responses to “About”

  1. hi

    Isaw one of your beautiful wildflower seed cards at a friends house and looked you up on the internet.
    I cant seem to find an email address for green field paper – so hope that this reaches someone who can assist!

    We are a registered Not for Profit group of papermakers in Cape Town South Africa – women working to empower the women of the local informal settlement, Imizamo Yethu.Please visit our website to find out more about us. We have been making handmade paper from about 7 years now – using post consumer shredded waste from the local bank – and adding fibres from river reeds, mielies (maize) rooibos tea leaves, camel and elephant and horse dung, seaweed …….
    We have had a request to make a booklet which includes a few pages of handmade paper impregnated with herb seeds. Not sure how to go about this – and how to stop them sprouting when wet in the papermaking process…it seems that to immerse them in the pulp is the only way they actually stick to the paper!

    Is there any way you can give us a few tips on how to do this? Would be most appreciated.

    Kind regards


    1. Just noticed that i should have included my web address…. the project’s name is Iziko lo Lwazi which translates to Centre of Learning in the local Xhosa language. thanks

  2. Faxon Green Says:

    Once again, I’m making an order for the very lovely calla lily cards embedded with seeds.
    I use them with prospective brides, at bridal shows, and as notes to wish clients a “happy anniversary” card.

    I am an eco-based floral designer in the greater Boston area.

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