Our Grow A Note® seed paper was used by two of the three finalist in the HBA Global International Packaging Design Awards which will be announced June 19th in New York.  They are also in the People Choice Contest and you can go to our facebook page to get the link to vote for them http://www.facebook.com/GreenFieldpaperCompany .



We have had the distinct pleasure of meeting both of our customers/finalists in the recent weeks.





Black Rock Mud Pot We traveled first to Reno and then to the Black Rock Desert near the town of Gerlach. There we met Shelly, Summer and their family. We headed to the desert and were treated to this spectacular site.

A geyser in the middle of the desert…

We then went to the property where Mud Pot is harvested. It is a property with geothermal activity and a natural clay bubbling up from the earth.

MudPot honors the sacred, ancient tradition of using natural clay to purify and heal the skin. MudPot comes from deep within the earth the way nature intended… buttery, odorless, pure…truly a rare gift from Mother Nature. This mineral rich illite clay contains over 50 naturally occurring trace elements that are beneficial and promote healthy skin, including: Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Zinc.

Because Black Rock Mud Company respects Mother Nature, their packaging has been carefully designed for the Earth. We support American companies that employ eco-friendly practices, and every component of our packaging is made in the USA. http://www.blackrockmud.com/

Biao Skincare This past weekend Ebonie, the founder of  Biao Skincare, paid us a visit at our facility in San Diego. We found her an apron and Darren, our head paper craftsman, gave her a lesson in pulling paper.

She was a natural papermaker mastering couching on nearly her first sheet.

Ebonie is a United States Army veteran and licensed Aesthetician who is delighted to pass down her grandmother’s cherished tradition of naturally-derived skin care formulations. A burn victim and survivor who has used her own line to virtually eliminate physical scars from her face and body, she understands the emotional challenges women face every day. She formulated her safe and effective beauty and skincare line to meet her own stringent standards and to address the unique complexion needs of women of all ages and races. Biao Skincare is dedicated to searching through historic natural resources in order to develop innovative products that make you feel and look beautiful inside and out.


We wish both Black Rock Mud Pot and Biao Skincare tremendous success in the packaging awards and in the launching of their great new natural products.