The other evening, while surfing through Pulse on my Kindle Fire, I came across an article from the Food Network about chia seeds and thought it would be a great idea to share it with all of our FB/Twitter/blog community. Why you might ask? Because it was an informative article that shared some interesting facts about chia seeds and how nutritious they are, and for those of you that might not know, we offer a chia seed embedded paper! The article mentions how chia seeds has “gobs of fiber and a fair amount of protein”, which has turned them into “the darling of the fitness world”. All you fitness buffs out there, why not purchase some chia seed paper to send notes to your friends and family, and they in turn can grow their own chia seeds and reap on those nutritional benefits. 

Our chia seed paper can be purchased by the parent sheet (13″ x 19″) or as 8.5″ x 11″ sheets. We can even cut the paper down to your desired size. If you are interested in getting a custom printed card, we offer printing services as well and can print business cards, Thank You cards, bookmarks, coasters…we can even make packaging out of our chia seed paper. Also, the paper comes in 3 colors: Natural White, Chai Tea and Pretty Pink. During the holiday season, you can choose from a variety of darling designs that are sure to please your loved ones. 

 Ch-ch-ch-chia seeds are no longer used just for chia pets, but for fun ways to promote a healthy lifestyle and to put a smile on someone’s face. 

 Take a look at the article here and get a great recipe for pudding with chia seeds:

Just think, you can grow your own chia seeds and incorporate it in some of your favorite baked goods and smoothies! Enjoy!


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