Well, it is almost the end of another holiday season. We received a lot of holiday cards in the mail this year, albeit less than years past, and carefully read and hung each one in our lobby. While most conveyed simple good wishes, some contained well thought out handwrtiten notes. One was from someone who had not done business from in two years. I am going to look them up and probably see about doing some business in 2012. Employees and visitors alike look to see who sent certain that caught their eye.

The cards we received by mail will remain hanging in our lobby until New Years for all to enjoy. One of our our employees has laid claim to a number of the cards to use the images when she decorates her Fabrege eggs.

I received a number e-mail holiday wishes as well. I really can’t say who sent them as I gave them the same amount of time and consideration that the sender took to hit “send all”. I simply hit “delete”…