Last week, we concluded our sucessful experimentation of our new herb seed paper. We envision other herbs or vegetables to follow.  This paper has Chia seeds embedded in it and the first production batch was completed yesterday. The paper will be used initially in a new line of greeting cards, the Chia Card™.  Initial printing ofthe Chia seed seed paper and test-marketing of the Chia Card™ has taken place with intial sales on target with our projections. The paper is manufactured in same eco-friendly manner as our other papers and using only the best seed. We rigorously tested the Chia seed paper before we went into full production and it sprouts extremely well, as seen in these images. 

chia seed card paper

chia seed paper sprouts

chai seed sprouts

Chia seed sprouts close up


The nutritional profile of the Chia seed is amazing.

 Here are some of the nutrients you will find in chia seeds:

  •  high in omega 3 fatty acids – The Chia seed naturally contains 60% omega 3 fatty acid
  • high in fiber – Chia seeds absorb up to 30 times its weight in water or other liquids like juices. A 15 gm serving of chia seeds will provide 4 to 5 gm of fiber. We all need at least 35gm of fiber per day to stay healthy.
  • high in Protein – between 19 to 23% of the seed by weight is protein
  • full of antioxidants
  • B Vitamins – Chia seeds contain Vitamins C and E, plus Cinnamic acids, which prevent the good fats in Chia seeds from oxidizing, or going bad.
  • Boron – necessary to bone health
  • Calcium – 2 oz of chia seeds contains 600 mg of Calcium, compared to 120mg for a cup of milk.

 Chia seeds are useful for:

  •  weight loss
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • bone health
  • digestive disorders

We will be adding these the Chia Card™ series to our website and will make it available to our retailers in October. Imagine, a greeting that is good for the environment and healthy too.

Look for the   at a store near you.