Green Field Paper accomplished an insurmountable task in the spirit of fantastic customer service.  We got the call and delivered, literally.  Shari received a call September 22 at 1:00 pm PST requesting that Green Field Paper print 3000 custom seed cards to be handed out at the Bob Marley tribute concert, the 30th anniversary of his final performance.  The catch was that the seed cards had to be printed and delivered to Pittsburg the next day.  The cutoff for FedEx and UPS was 6:00, so that wasn’t an option. 

Green Field Paper Company sprang into action and got the Grow A Note® seed paper and artwork to our printer. That evening,  with over 3,000 cards fresh off the presses, Green Field sent one of it’s own employees on an airplane and the beautiful custom seed cards were delivered in person to Pittsburg the next morning.  We were told the cards received rave reviews from the attendees and the Marley family.