Ladybugs are, and have for many years been favorite insects of children. They’ve had quite a few names in the past such as the lady-cow, may-bug, golden-knop, golden-bugs, Bishop-Barnaby, Barnabee, Burnabee, and the Bishop-that-burneth. Point being, they are pretty well known.

What many of us don’t know though, is their benefit to farms and gardens.

Ladybugs feed on aphids, which are pests in gardens, and agricultural fields. ladybugs are numerous where aphids are plentiful and, they need to eat as many as 50 aphids per day as an adult. Some ladybug species may consume several hundred aphids per day and each larva eats 200 to 300 aphids as it grows.

Our Valentines Day cards are made from our 100% recycled seed embedded plantable Grow A Note® paper and printed using soy inks. Your valentine can plant the card and watch wildflowers bloom. Maybe some local lady bugs will come calling.